Fabulous Bora Bora private island paradise!
Beautiful beachfront bungalow!
Includes breakfast, lunch & dinner!

Fabulous private island setting!

View toward your private beach bungalow!

Gorgeous ocean view from your bungalow!

Breathtaking setting for your private bungalow!

Gorgeous white sand beach onsite!

Fabulous white sand beach onsite!

Fabulous snorkeling onsite!

Trail to the private beach behind the bungalow!

Fabulous beach behind the bungalow!

Natural pool behind the bungalow!

Your transportation to and from the private island!

Beautiful beach bungalow!

 Spacious lanai and front entrance!

Beautiful enclosed living area!

Fabulous enclosed dining area!

Excellent breakfast, small lunch & gourmet dinner included!

Gorgeous dining area!

Beautifully designed bungalow!

Ocean view from the bed!

Gorgeous hardwood floor, 4 poster bed, and high ceiling!

Nicely decorated bath!

Beautifully designed bungalow!

Elegant beachfront bungalow!

 Eco-friendly private island!

Solar powered electricity and pure drinking water!

Fabulous private island location!

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